How Blink22 Earned #1 Mobile App Developer in Egypt | Clutch Reviews

Learn a bit about how we landed the #1 mobile app developer in Egypt slot from Clutch reviews and what it means for the future of software.

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How to Streamline QA using the Agile Methodology

When it comes to software development, collaboration is key. This doesn’t mean each person doing their part, then handing it off to the next. Rather, it’s a cross-disciplinary team, all building an application together, testing and modifying it every step of the way. This is what Agile is all about. 

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How to Optimize Firebase Services

Firebase is Google’s all-in-one platform for app development, a useful tool in our day-to-day projects. Because it has so many facets and features, there are several approaches to structuring Firebase code. In an effort to find the most efficient, functional method, we tried several, each with its own unique pros and cons.

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