A Business Developer, or Business Development Analyst, is responsible for helping organizations obtain better brand recognition and financial growth. Their duties include coordinating with company executives, sales and marketing professionals, reviewing current market trends, and proposing new business ideas to improve revenue.


  • Relationship Nurturing & Outreach
  • Build upon relationships with preexisting connectors and referral partners
  • Understand and discover nuances within client relationships and pull the right levers to maintain valuable, value-add communications
  • Leverage existing network and relationships to make value-add introduction, source new clients, uncover new referral partners
  • Attend events and contribute to business initiatives to enrich Blink22 relationships
  • Clearly articulate knowledge and understanding of design and development processes, as well as the expertise of Blink22 as a whole
  • Quickly establish self as a knowledgeable, authentic, Trusted Advisor in initial calls with new prospects
  • Prioritize new deal opportunities effectively and the actions required to follow through on them
  • Qualify new business opportunities through a strong conversational approach to collecting & confirming key deal information
  • Execute pitches and high-value touch-points to move deals through the sales pipeline
  • Support proposal creation, SOW writing, and other responsibilities by effectively collaborating with team members and cross-departmental stakeholders
  • Draft detailed project plans, which include resource allocation and cost estimates, in coordination with our Product Managers and Technical Architects
  • Sales and Marketing Operations Management
  • Lead and support end-to-end sales cycles
  • Work on improving sales pipeline processes
  • Regularly build new lines of communication with existing team members to streamline efficiencies
  • Lead marketing efforts for Blink22 as a brand for a software house.
  • Research and lead how Blink22 starts new business initiatives that align business goals like client partnerships, new technologies, etc.


Required Technical skills:

  • 3+ years of experience working in a sales or business development role in an agency or at a consulting firm.
  • Ability to network and build strong Trusted Advisor relationships from existing relationships with current contacts.
  • Ability to get creative when told "no" and find new ways to re-engage contacts and start valuable conversations.
  • Natural tendency to ask intelligent questions after quick research, uncover prospects' decision levers and distill insights from conversations & data quickly.
  • Skills in project management with the ability to juggle multiple work streams that include some degree of ambiguity.
  • Competency-building processes, best practices, and maintaining the implementation of these operations.
  • Strong research and analytics skills as well as strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proven ability to develop/drive and thrive in a metrics-driven, process-based environment with high accountability.
  • High emotional intelligence, value-add mentality, and ability to be politely persistent.

Required Soft skills:

  • Self-learners.
  • Able to thrive working on a fast-paced, creative team.
  • Passionate.
  • Great communicators.
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently.
  • Analytical problem solvers.
  • Ideal team players because of their technical competence and positive attitudes.
  • Always ready to help troubleshoot, share their knowledge, and learn from others.

Perks & Benefits:

  • Work remotely.
  • Additional accessories for your computer.
  • In-office entertainment and lounge spaces.
  • Weekly team lunches.
  • Access to various educational resources.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Competitive salary.

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