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EZ Pay - Fast and Easy Money Transfers

Our team at Blink22 discovered a way to make sending money to friends easier, and faster! EZ Pay is a FinTech app prototype we created that provides a framework for users in the MENA region to transfer money between peers. With features such as peer-to-peer transfers, withdrawals, and deposits available, our EZ Pay prototype is something we’re proud of.

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Hybrid MMA & Fitness

Staying motivated to keep fit just got that little bit easier with the Hybrid app, which connects clients with their personal trainers at this exclusive fitness center. As a well-established name in mixed martial arts, group training, and kids’ classes, Hybrid MMA & Fitness has two exclusive facilities in Hong Kong and Los Angeles – and now the app is keeping its clients on track with their goals, offering fitness and nutrition plans as well as monitoring their progress.

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Remote working just got even better. Flexday connects Toronto’s professionals with stellar coworking locations across the city, with the aim of improving productivity and boosting morale for those working remotely. For a daily or monthly fee, Flexday’s community of more than 8,000 digital nomads can choose from more than 80 workspaces around Toronto and find the perfect spot in which to work solo or collaborate with other like-minded professionals.

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KhataBook is a rapidly-growing digital ledger that’s helping to digitize small businesses across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and beyond. With more than 10,000,000 downloads so far, this functional app helps merchants move their bookkeeping to an all-in-one digital platform, streamlining payments and logging transactions. Khatabook eliminates the need to spend hours on manual bookkeeping, giving small business owners more time to pursue their passions and grow their businesses.

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Careem bus

Getting from point A to point B has never been easier. Careem Bus – Egypt’s newest on-demand bus app – sends quick, comfortable, and affordable transportation to your location. Need a bus at your convenience? Request one right from your phone, then track its arrival. Ride with Careem Bus and you’ll get all the benefits of bus travel with the ease of on-demand booking. Forget about traffic, parking or expensive taxis, Careem Bus will get you where you need to be, every day.

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Carpool Club is the smart way to commute. This app connects you to passengers traveling in the same direction, so you can share rides. Empty seats in your car? Carpool Club can fill them. Need a ride? Carpool Club can provide one. Carpool Club rewards you for carrying passengers and helps you recover certain driving costs – fuel, tolls, parking, and more. Save money, reduce traffic, and meet new people, all through Carpool Club.

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PlusPlus Alexa Bot

Team Building just got a whole lot more fun. The ++ Alexa bot lets users react to their teammates’ messages and actions in real time using voice commands. It’s an entertaining, simple way to cultivate an energizing, encouraging work environment while building camaraderie. And for extra integration, ++ works with Slack too, giving users the same functionality from a different platform.

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You manage most of your business through Slack, why not your email campaigns too? Introducing Dataminemail, the Slack bot that brings email metric reports right to your dashboard. Quickly and easily keep your team up-to-date on your email marketing, and track real-time updates of your list activity. By integrating smoothly with MailChimp, Dataminemail saves you the time of toggling between multiple tabs and streamlines your email metrics monitoring.

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Involvio is a student’s guide to college life, keeping them informed about exciting events and helping them find their place. It’s a student body’s go-to spot for university-sponsored events, making it incredibly easy to get involved, discover passions, and meet new friends. Involvio builds communities on campus and instills purpose and belonging, spurring students to thrive personally, academically, and socially. If you want to foster a welcoming, inclusive campus environment, Involvio can help make it happen.

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3ayez is Egypt’s hub for online retail that puts thousands of products just a swipe and a tap away. There’s no need to navigate busy stores when you’ve got it all at your fingertips. The 3ayez iOS and Android apps let you filter by store, area, and product, so you can find exactly what you need in no time. View real product photos while you browse and, when you’re ready, have them shipped directly to your home.

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WishYoo is a virtual greeting card app that sends personalized handwritten cards and voice messages for any occasion. Friends and family worldwide can send their best wishes on a common and limitless signature board, and the recipient will instantly receive the thoughtful, custom greeting. Faster than postal mail and more personal than generic e-cards, WishYoo is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or a quick hello. Invite users around the world to power your greeting, with WishYoo.

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Pinpoint your surveys like never before with Promino. This geo-survey service eliminates the geographical vagueness of traditional surveys by targeting particular locations. Promino is a groundbreaking new way to gather credible survey data that lets you limit distribution to certain hot spots. Now, your surveys can gather location-specific information and a large number of responses, data that offers profound geographic insights.