Jumping from store to store, parking, fighting against crowds, wandering long aisles to find the best deals – it’s exhausting and time-consuming. Leave those long shopping trips and window browsing excursions behind with 3ayez, the virtual shopping hub that’s revolutionizing Egypt’s retail landscape. 

3ayez makes online purchases as simple as tapping your screen. And it offers a wide array of stores and products, so no matter what you’re looking for, you can find it without leaving the house. The intuitive and functional app lets you compare product specs and photos so you can be sure you’re finding the best deal, every time. The best part? Users enjoy exclusive discounts, so you can access great deals from your couch.

If you’re ready to revamp your shopping routine, saving time and money in the process, the 3ayez app is your answer.


We worked closely with the 3ayez team to enrich their mobile apps and back-end with additional features, making online shopping even easier for users and stores alike. This included integration with Legacy systems to simplify the process for stores, paving the way for more retailers to join. And for user questions, we supported a dashboard call center to assist shoppers and facilitate an enjoyable buying experience. Our services helped foster a user-friendly, gratifying shopping experience from start to finish, so users will come back to 3ayez again and again.


  • eCommerce


  • Android
  • iOS

Client Comments:

Blink22 provided auxiliary engineers for a grocery delivery platform. They supported the core business application and built two internal apps and a support dashboard. The key technology was React Native.

John Chirikjian, Co-Founder & CTO, 3ayez See full review on Clutch.co

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