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Careem bus

Traffic? Forget it. Parking? Don’t worry about it. Expensive taxis? No more. With Careem Bus, your ride is available at the tap of a button. You’ll never need to decipher complex bus schedules again. And the rates are fixed, so you always know you’ll get a great deal. Your ride will arrive, complete with AC and comfortable seats, and all you have to do is pay with cash or credit card. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip. This is no ordinary bus transportation service. With Careem Bus, you get a high-quality ride that’s loaded, top to bottom, with amenities. Our world-class customer service makes sure that every ride is safe and comfortable. It’s like having a personal shuttle for your daily life. With an elegant app and plenty of features, Careem Bus can make your commute, errands, or outings easier and more enjoyable.


We built robust web and mobile apps that handle real-time bus booking and tracking, then we integrated these apps smoothly with Careem already-powerful platform. With so many bus trips every day, it was essential to build a dashboard that could accurately track and provide advanced analytics for an entire bus fleet, and we delivered. Our apps encompass the entire user experience, starting with the booking process and ending with intuitive payment integration.

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Staying motivated to keep fit just got that little bit easier with the Hybrid app, which connects clients with their personal trainers at this exclusive fitness center. As a well-established name in mixed martial arts, group training, and kids’ classes, Hybrid MMA & Fitness has two exclusive facilities in Hong Kong and Los Angeles – and now the app is keeping its clients on track with their goals, offering fitness and nutrition plans as well as monitoring their progress.