Traffic is no fun. It’s long, it’s boring, and it consumes a ton of fuel. The Australian startup initiative Carpool Club is here to change all that. Think about your empty, unused passenger seats. They’re going to waste and taking up space on the road. 

Say goodbye to that same old commute. Carpool Club connects you with commuters traveling in the same direction, so you can ride together. For drivers, it’s the perfect way to make money off of spare seats. And for passengers, it’s easier than public transportation and more economical than driving alone. 

Save money on fuel consumption, tolls, parking, and other travel expenses while reducing the number of cars on the road. Fewer cars on the road mean fewer emissions, which leads to a healthier environment. All this and it won’t add more than ten minutes to your trip. Carpool Club is ready to revolutionize the way you commute.


We built apps from the ground up for drivers and passengers on both the iOS and Android platforms. Carpool Club needed a way to connect users in real-time, so each of the four apps function seamlessly together. To make these driver-passenger connections happen, our apps use location services to group users who have similar commutes and employ a token-based currency that accepts real payments. Commuters have options to create their perfect carpool by applying search filters and rating each other at the end of the ride.


  • Real-time app
  • Maps
  • Location-based app
  • Payment integration
  • Complex Architecture to support scalable communication between back-end
  • Passenger app
  • Drive app


  • Android
  • iOS

Client Comments:

Recently launched, the applications are functioning well and meeting all requirements. The team was responsive throughout the project, meeting most scheduling milestones, and working effectively.

Peter Ruz, Founder & MD, Carpool Club Pty Ltd See full review on

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