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EZ Pay - Fast and Easy Money Transfers

Taking the EZ Pay project from concept to prototype was an experiment for our team at Blink22. With the FinTech industry growing exponentially, our team was excited to build a prototype in this category while also showcasing our skills in the client discovery and requirement-building process. We learned from this experiment that even when we start with an unclear vision with minimal requirements communicated by our client, our multidisciplinary team can define and create a modern and simple user experience that solves real-world problems. In this case, a framework to help individuals in the MENA region transfer money more easily and efficiently between peers.


Our client hired Blink22 to create a prototype for an app to help individuals in the MENA region transfer money more easily between peers. While our team was excited about the freedom we were given to choose the technologies and direction for the project, we also faced the challenge of having insufficient product requirements/specifications.


To learn more about what our client was hoping to achieve with EZ Pay, we conducted workshops and stakeholder interviews to understand these requirements. As a result of these sessions, our team at Blink22 was able to fully drive the direction of the project and to make recommendations in regards to the user experience and product features.


Our Product Managers, Engineering team, and UI/UX team collaborated on these workshops to gather a full understanding of how we could translate a simple vision [create fast and easy peer payments] into a useful prototype with a great user experience. UI/UX started with wireframing and prototyping of the app, and we finalized the designs of the app through continuous feedback cycles between all teams.

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