There’s a craft night on Wednesday, a business networking lunch on Thursday, a concert in the plaza on Friday, and thousands of students that need to know. Keep all your college or university’s events in one place using Involvio. 

Involvio is the simple, efficient way to get the word out about on and off campus events, so you can help students make lasting connections, stay engaged, and have the time of their lives. Studies show that student engagement has a direct impact on persistence, retention, and graduation. Involvio helps cultivate this engagement by making it easy for students to find and attend activities, where they can build lasting friendships and enrich their academic studies. 

Involvio gets students engaged right away with dynamic orientation tools, and keeps them coming back to campus events. Plus, the app offers data insights through attendance records, A.I., machine learning, and more, so you can maximize your programs’ impact.

From the moment they step on campus until they walk across the graduation stage, Involvio helps students stay involved and join welcoming communities.


Student involvement has a variety of aspects, and we built features for all of them. We made event organization easy with a Google Calendar-like component and streamlined academic communication with student-professor chat functions. To take it a step further, we implemented location-based events and system notifications, so students will always be aware of the most current happenings.


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