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WishYoo was born out of one simple mantra: Out of many, one. It’s all about sharing love, sending joy, and bringing people together. A virtual greeting card app, WishYoo gathers voices from around the globe into one message – a giant birthday wish, a collective congratulations, a massive thank you, and more. Not only that, but it allows thousands of users to chip in on a single gift to accompany the e-card. WishYoo takes your message global, inviting a multitude of friends to add their personal touches. Send love to a family member from around the world. Show a friend how many people care for them. Deliver an awe-inspiring congratulations with a chorus of personal voice messages. By collecting thoughtful, customized wishes, WishYoo takes simple e-cards to the next level, sharing powerful messages worldwide.


We built out the entire WishYoo mobile app to communicate with existing API, allowing for more fluent functionality and integration. In doing so, we empower users to send their custom messages with ease.

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EZ Pay - Fast and Easy Money Transfers

Our team at Blink22 discovered a way to make sending money to friends easier, and faster! EZ Pay is a FinTech app prototype we created that provides a framework for users in the MENA region to transfer money between peers. With features such as peer-to-peer transfers, withdrawals, and deposits available, our EZ Pay prototype is something we’re proud of.

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Hybrid MMA & Fitness

Staying motivated to keep fit just got that little bit easier with the Hybrid app, which connects clients with their personal trainers at this exclusive fitness center. As a well-established name in mixed martial arts, group training, and kids’ classes, Hybrid MMA & Fitness has two exclusive facilities in Hong Kong and Los Angeles – and now the app is keeping its clients on track with their goals, offering fitness and nutrition plans as well as monitoring their progress.