Keep all of your email marketing metrics in one place with Dataminemail. This innovative Slack bot lets you pull reports directly from MailChimp into Slack, where you can analyze them and share them with your team. 

Don’t spend time logging into multiple programs and cross-referencing information. Instead, instantly access your subscriber, cost, and lead data on your Slack dashboard. Gather insights immediately that you can use to elevate your email marketing strategies. 

How much do I earn per subscriber? How fast is my list growing? How long are my subscribers active? You’ll find answers to these questions – plus real-time updates on your campaigns – right there in Slack. With one-click MailChimp integration, you can get started right away. And you can spend all the time you’ll save tackling new projects, developing creative solutions, or growing your business.


Dataminemail’s objective is to streamline business operations, so we built a smart, flexible Slack bot that works with each company’s unique needs and goals. We achieved improved server performance that can receive 30% more concurrent requests, and we utilized user feedback to improve functionality and ease of use. In collaboration with the client’s team, we developed an elegant email metrics solution that improves both efficiency and productivity.


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Client Comments:

What differentiates them is that they always provide guidance and support that goes beyond their assigned tasks. It feels like I have a technical co-founder working with me.

Efthimia Mavridou, Founder, Dataminemail See full review on

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