Picture this. A customer comes to your site, unsure what they want. Immediately, you’re in the room with them, guiding them through various pages, helping to make purchases, and answering important questions. Talk about customer service. When you employ a Blink22 chatbot, it’s like you’re there with the user. Our chatbots are engaging and personable, functional, customizable, and user-friendly. 

Your customers won’t wallow in indecision, clicking through page after page to find what they want. Instead, they’ll have a charming bot to direct them. Search bars and traditional contact forms work, but they can be slow and impersonal. Our chatbots make the process simpler and more enjoyable.

Our Technologies

is a powerful runtime environment for executing JavaScript on the server side, perfect for building fast and scalable web applications. It’s gained substantial popularity thanks to a vibrant community that keeps the technology up-to-date with the latest trends.

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    PlusPlus Alexa Bot

    Team Building just got a whole lot more fun. The ++ Alexa bot lets users react to their teammates’ messages and actions in real time using voice commands. It’s an entertaining, simple way to cultivate an energizing, encouraging work environment while building camaraderie. And for extra integration, ++ works with Slack too, giving users the same functionality from a different platform.


    You manage most of your business through Slack, why not your email campaigns too? Introducing Dataminemail, the Slack bot that brings email metric reports right to your dashboard. Quickly and easily keep your team up-to-date on your email marketing, and track real-time updates of your list activity. By integrating smoothly with MailChimp, Dataminemail saves you the time of toggling between multiple tabs and streamlines your email metrics monitoring.


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